Bernie Stein, a washed-up music agent, needs a new star.

His nephew, Frankie, a disgraced former coroner, has developed a rejuvenation process which can reanimate body parts.

Bernie’s scheme is to create a superstar using the remains of rock ‘n’ roll’s dead elite.

Iggy, a burnt-out roadie with a knack for grave-robbing, is enlisted to acquire the legendary body parts… The plan proceeds smoothly until Iggy screws up big time!

Instead of pilfering Jim Morrison’s sex organ he swipes Liberace’s! The monster is brought to life and his mentors start him on the road to rock ‘n’ roll glory.

But problems arise when the Liberace side of the monster tries to assert itself…

Equipped with the head of Elvis and the love tool of Lee, a schizo relationship develops between the monster and his willy. And sure enough, people have to die!!!!